Thursday, May 13, 2010

Storyboard Summer Work

For Stef, Greg, Tereza, and Gautam:

I'm having trouble finalising Katze's stand-off; generate some ideas, go crazy!

Storyboard a Stand Off - make it 20 seconds minimum. If the timing needs it, go over as you like, and if you want to make a full blown story, go ahead. When you get back I'll show you how to put it in AfterEffects and make an animatic, this will help your time to pitch stay awesome; Wintastic; Fabulous.

The Katze Storyboard is up on DropBox, under the public folder, reference it as much as you like.

Some basics on storyboarding:

The Fredarator Blog often post storyboards and animatics (like here, here, here, and here) on their latest productions, have a look through, they're awesome;

The Youtube Shoot-out - A helluva lotta shootouts cut into one. Try watching without sound and note all the different camera angles and staging:

Film is a complex visual (and audial) language, study it. And as always; Have fun!

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